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Grading System

We follow the grading system that was created by Imi where material and techniques are separated for students by belts, from white to black belt.

Although Krav Maga is not technically a martial art but a method of self-defence, there are many aspects in which they are similar. As with everything in life, it is important for us to set goals for ourselves, and the grading system does just that.

The grading system is an indication of the student’s level of knowledge and ability within the KM method. Each Belt requires the student to master the specific defences and moves for different types of attacks, before advancing to more complex manoeuvres.
The student starts the training by learning the basic strikes and defences against various attacks such as chokes, bear hugs, punches and kicks, and from there they work their way up to learning how to deal with sticks, knives, guns, multiple attackers and more.
The way a student advances through the belts is by undergoing a test for the drills they learned so far. The test is an important part for students who want to test their abilities under pressure. During the test the student must show that he/she can react under pressure; show that they fully understand why they do what they’ve learnt and demonstrate that they can take control over the situation they are dealing with.

The grading system, time and requirements are as followed:

BeltAdvancing toMin time required
White  Yellow   4 Months 
Yellow  Orange  6 Months 
Orange  Green  8 Months 
Green  Blue  12 Months 
Blue  Brown  12 Months 
Brown  Black  12 Months 

In this initial stage the student will become familiar with the basic strikes and blocks. Here the students will learn how to release themselves from close quarter encounters such as chokes and shirt grabs.
Everything must be practiced in a slow and controlled manner in order to develop the right technique. Once practiced properly, the student will start to perform the defences and drills in a higher speed.

After passing the Yellow belt test the student will learn to deal with more advanced attacks. The student will learn to deal with attacks such as bear hugs from front and behind, punches, kicks and more.
At this level the student will have to demonstrate the drills in a higher speed and efficiency.

After demonstrating control and understanding of the Yellow and Orange material the student is now able to start learning things which are a bit more complicated. At this stage, besides dealing with additional attacks, the students will have their first encounter with cold weapons such as sticks & knives from a far distance.
At this stage the student is required to demonstrate everything with speed, control and aggression while carrying out the various defences.

At the blue belt level the student learns how to deal and get out from various scenarios both while standing up and being on the ground. Also at this stage he/she is taught to gain control over situations in a non-aggressive manner (without harming the attacker).
Here the student must be at top form and demonstrate everything with a great level of coordination, control, speed and aggression.

Here the student is now ready to learn how to deal with additional weapons (such as hand guns and rifles) and with more than just one attacker.
This stage and level requires a total understanding of what situation the student is in, and what the best and safest way to deal with each situation is.

Black Belt (“Dan” 1-5)
Once black belt level is reached the work is far from over.
Here students get familiar with the military aspect of Krav Maga, learn how to protect and defend a third party and continue to learn how to defend against and use weapons in different ways.