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Joining KM UR

Price Guide And Private Training / Joining KM UR

At Krav Maga Uri Refaeli UK we offer a range of monthly memberships which are based on frequency of your training. Start by Joining KM UR today.


£40 Per Month

This membership is for the busy people or for those who want to start slowly. With this membership you can train once a week at any venue of your choice
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£65 Per Month

This membership is for those who are serious about their Krav Maga training.

With this membership you can attend any session during the week at any venue of your choice.

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£30 Per Month

In our kids training we offer a challenging, fun and safe environment that builds strong and confident children.

We believe in their education as the kids are our future.

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We offer anyone who wants to join us a FREE trial session to come and see what we are all about.
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Annual Membership

£59 Per Year

  Membership fee includes uniform, first years membership, free insurance and licence to train.

Renewed annually at only £35

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Private Training

We understand that people have commitments to work and family so students can also arrange for private lessons at a place of their choice (i.e home, office, park, local gym*)

In these private lessons, the instructor will design a lesson plan that meets the individual student's needs and help improve one's technique, form and sparring levels.


1 Session5 Sessions10 Sessions
Individual £60 p/h £55 p/h £50 p/h
2 People £40 (per person, p/h) £35 (per person, p/h) £30 (per person, p/h)
3-5 People £30 (per person, p/h) £25 (per person, p/h) £20 (per person, p/h)

Some of the benefits of private training and Joining KM UR include:

  • Developing confidence for group training
  • Preparing for tournaments or examinations
  • A rapid way of advancing
  • Close and personal feedback
  • Personal modifications

Please feel free to contact us for availability and bookings.

*When training in local gym the student will be required to pay for the rent of the studio

**Private lessons must be used within 90 days of the purchase date. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all private lessons or the client will be charged 50% of the private lesson fee.