Ben Wagstaff

Ben Wagstaff

Chief Instructor of KMUR UK


Ben is the CEO and Head Instructor of the Krav Maga Uri Refaeli federation in the UK.

He has been practising Krav Maga for over 20 years, training and teaching under the tutelage of Grand Master Uri Refaeli himself – a direct student of Krav Maga creator Imi Lichtenfeld.

Ben was an officer in a combat unit of the IDF (Duhifat), carrying out delicate operations to capture terrorists and weapons in hostile environments, placing ambushes and gathering intelligence. He also has extensive experience in close protection for high-profile individuals (ex-Prime Minister, politicians, diplomats, businessmen) and events.

In addition to Krav Maga, Ben’s martial art background also includes several years of Muay Thai and Boxing.

Having lived through the horrors of Israel’s second “Intifada”, Ben has dedicated his post-army life to helping others learn how to protect themselves in violent and distressing situations. He teaches people of all ages in London while regularly holding seminars around the world.