Krav Maga



Krav Maga is Hebrew for ‘Contact combat’ and it is the best self-defence method around!
It is known for its efficient counter-attacks and focuses on quick and effective ways to deal with real-life scenarios. It was developed and created by the late Imi Lichtenfeled for the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and was later adapted for unarmed civilians in order to protect themselves against everyday violent situations. Even today it is still the most efficient method to use on the street, a place where rules do not exist, where the variables of an assault are never fixed or known to us in advance.

All of the Krav Maga defences are based on the body’s natural responses and it are suitable for anyone regardless of size, strength, gender or physical condition. KM is not a sport, there are no rules or competitions because the techniques and strikes are aimed to cause damage to the attacker and to end the situation as quickly as possible.

The Krav Maga techniques do not rely on strength or power – the students learn how to strike fast at vulnerable targets instead of matching the opponent’s strength. Students start the training by learning the basics strikes and defences against various punches and kicks, from there they work their way up to leaning to deal with sticks, knives, guns, multiple attackers and more.
Combining all of these tools together allows the students to react in a fast and efficient way against any violent act and to remain in control of the situation. We aim to finish the situation as quickly as possible while maximising our own personal security and safety.

Krav Maga training will provide you with the ability to defend yourself, and your loved ones, against everyday situations. It will improve your confidence, personal fitness, will develop your street awareness and will give you the right tools that can save your life if ever needed.